How old is the Earth?

When I asked some of my friends on how old is the earth, I’ve received a lot of different answers. One of my friends said, 1 billion years old. The other said 6,000 years old. He told me that this information was based from the creationism theory that can be found in the bible. The other one said 10 billion years old.

I almost cried when my best friend answered 5 billion years old and I said to him, “You really are my best friend. Your answer is the closest to the correct answer.”

The Earth, the 3rd planet from the sun is 4.5 billion years old if we will based it according to science. Before then it was a ball of molten rock then the water vapor cooled and formed the vast oceans and continents.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17

Now we know how old the Earth is but how do we know its age?

The process of scientifically estimating the age of the Earth revolves on finding the oldest piece of the planet. We can then figure out how old that piece is.

Finding out super old rocks is quite difficult. The process of figuring out the age of a rock falls to the scientific technique called the radiocarbon dating.  This process focuses on the ratio between the number of carbon-14 and carbon-12 isotopes in any once-living being. The ratio describes how long it’s been since that being was alive.

Based on the oldest rock that can be found in Australia called the zircon rock, we know that the Earth is at least 4.3 billion years old but it could still be older. Scientist have a propensity to agree that the Earth is around 4.5 billion years old – either take or give a hundred more million.



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