The Forty-Five Minute Presidency

The presidency of Mexican President Pedro Lascurain is the shortest presidency in history. He served as the 34th president of Mexico for less than one hour (45 minutes to be exact) on February 19, 1913.

General Victoriano Huerta, overthrew the 33rd President of Mexico, President Francisco I. Madero on February 19, 1913. One of the people who convinced Madero to resign was Lascurain. While in prison, he claimed that his life will be in danger if Madero will not resign his post.

The 34th President of Mexico, Pedro Lascurain (February 19, 1913 – 45 minutes)

Under the 1857 Constitution of Mexico, the vice president, the attorney general, the foreign secretary, and the interior secretary stood in line for the presidency. Vice-President José María Pino Suárez and Attorney General Adolfo Valles Baca were already ousted by Huerta and Lascurain is in the next line for the presidency.

As foreign secretary, Lascurain assumed the presidency and then appoints Huerta as the interior secretary for the coup d’état to have its legality.

Lascurain resigns, and the presidency was passed to Victoriano Huerta. As a result, President Pedro Lascurain is known to have the shortest presidency in the world.

Huerta tried to appoint Lascurain a cabinet position but he decline. He retired from politics and began practicing again as a lawyer.


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