ARPANET: The very foundation of the Internet

On November 21, 1969, the very first permanent link of the ARPANET was established between the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and SRI International.


The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network popularly known as ARPANET, was an early packet switching network. It is the first network to implement the TCP/IP protocol suite. Both technologies became the technical foundations of the Internet. The ARPANET was initially funded by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the United States Department of Defense.

The initial purpose of ARPANET was to communicate with and share computer resources among mainly scientific users at the connected institutions. ARPANET took advantage of the new idea of sending information in small units called packets that could be routed on different paths and reconstructed at their destination. The development of the TCP/IP protocols in the 1970s made it possible to expand the size of the network, which now had become a network of networks, in an orderly way.

In the 1980s, the ARPANET handed over to a new military network, The Defense Data Network, and NSFNet funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). In 1990 the ARPANET was decommissioned.




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