History’s First Fetal King

In year 309, a legend says that a crown was placed in the belly of the widow of Hormizd II of the Sasanian Empire. Inside was the history’s first fetal king: Shapur II, also known as Shapur II the Great was the tenth Shahanshah (King) of the Sasanian Empire. The in utero ruler was the longest reigning monarch in Iranian history. He reigned for is entire life of 70 years from 309 to 379.

Shah Shapur II (309 – 379)

Shapur II pursued a harsh religious policy. Under his reign, the collection of the Avesta, the sacred texts of Zoroastrianism, was completed, heresy and apostasy were punished, and Christians were persecuted. The latter was a reaction against the Christianization of the Roman Empire by Constantine the Great. Shapur II, like Shapur I, was amicable towards Jews, who lived in relative freedom and gained many advantages in his period.

At the time of Shapur’s death, the Sasanian Empire was stronger than ever, with its enemies to the east pacified and Armenia under Sasanian control.



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