Introducing the “Dynamoterror”

The Dynamoterror, a relative of the famous, Tyrannosaurus rex, lived millions of years before the other known species of the tyrannosaurus. The Dynamoterror dynastes is the name of this new dinosaur, which translates to “powerful terror ruler.”

In 2012, bone fragments extracted from an 80-million-year old rock in New Mexico were discovered during an expedition led by paleontologists Andrew McDonald of the Western Science Center and Douglas Wolfe of the Zuni Dinosaur Institute for Geosciences.


The newly published study reveals details of the new dinosaur, which at 30 feet from snout to tail would have been about 80% of the T. rex’s full size. While the T. rex lived between 66  and 68 million years ago, the Dynamoterror is about 80 million years old. Its discovery is another fascinating piece in the puzzle when it comes to understanding the evolution—and extinction—of dinosaurs.

While slightly smaller than the later T. rex, the Dynamoterror is comparable in size to other tyrannosaurs of its time, placing it firmly at the top of the predator list.


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